How We Build High-Performance Homes
Advanced Framing: Raised Heel TrussesAdvanced Framing: California CornersAdvanced Framing: 2x6 StudsAdvanced Framing: Engineered Flooring SystemAdvanced Framing: Thorough Caulk & SealAdvanced Framing: Recessed HeadersAdvanced Framing: Spray Foam at Plate ConnectionsPremium Insulation: Grade 1 Insulation InstallPremium Insulation: Above Code InsulationEnergy Efficiency: Low-E Windows and DoorsEnergy Efficiency: Water Efficient PlumbingEnergy Efficiency: High-Efficiency HVACEnergy Efficiency: Power Vent Water HeaterEnergy Efficiency: Sealed DuctsEnergy-Efficiency: EV ChargingEnergy Efficiency: Smart Home TechnologyHealthier Living: Passive Radon Mitigation SystemHealthy Living: PestShield Tubing

Advanced Framing: Raised Heel Trusses

The location where your roof meets the wall assembly has an extra lift, or heel, that allows us to add insulation. In conventionally built homes, this location is not insulated and can allow a lot of air to pass through.

Advanced Framing: California Corners

This framing technique, also called an open-stud corner, creates a cavity at the corner of the exterior wall plates. That open cavity is filled with insulation to prevent thermal bridging, better insulating your home.

Advanced Framing: 2x6 Studs

A 2x6 framed wall is considerably stronger than a conventionally framed 2x4 wall, and is ideal for ceilings that are 9' and above. A 2x6 framed home allows for more insulation coverage, betters sound proofing, and increases the weather resistance of your home.

Advanced Framing: Engineered Flooring System

Known as an "i-joist," an engineered floor joist system is used for longer floor spans and is a stronger than conventional floor joists. The use of i-joist beams provides more strength, allows for larger open floor space, and is more cost effective than traditional floor joist systems. Using engineered floor joists gives you more flexibility in your home's footprint without squeaks.

Advanced Framing: Thorough Caulk & Seal

Using a combination of no-VOC adhesives, foam, and blown-in fiberglass insulation, the exterior of your home is tightly sealed to prevent air, microorganisms, and other elements from entering your home.

Advanced Framing: Recessed Headers

Allows for insulation and air sealing above exterior windows and doors, giving you a more tightly sealed and energy efficient home.

Advanced Framing: Spray Foam at Plate Connections

The connections that hold the wall assembly together can be a source of air and energy exchange - allowing in pests, allergens, and more. By adding spray foam at these locations, your home is more energy-efficient and has healthier indoor air quality.

Premium Insulation: Grade 1 Insulation Install

When your insulation is installed, the work of the insulation is independently inspected and rated for quality and technique. Grade 1 is the best installation score and every home we build is categorized as Grade 1.

Premium Insulation: Above Code Insulation

The insulation used in your home's attic exceeds municipal and International Energy Conservation Code requirements to keep your home well insulated and prevent issues such as ice dams.

Energy Efficiency: Low-E Windows and Doors

The use of energy-efficient windows and doors throughout your home is essential to keeping your home cooler in the summer by stopping radiant heat and keeping the warmed air inside during the winter. It also prevents UV rays from fading furniture and finishes inside your home.

Energy Efficiency: Water Efficient Plumbing

Contrary to popular belief, low flow doesn't mean low water pressure. Our team works with you to select fixtures that reduce water waste without impacting your comfort.

Energy Efficiency: High-Efficiency HVAC

A properly sized and zoned heating and cooling unit makes your home more comfortable while conserving energy. By distributing heated and cooled air throughout your home - and being able to customize temperature in certain rooms - your home is optimized for room to room and floor to floor comfort. You system also lasts longer, reducing repair and maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency: Power Vent Water Heater

Whether it is a tankless or EnergySTAR rated water heater, we help you assess your hot water needs so you can select the appropriate type, size, and installation for your home.

Energy Efficiency: Sealed Ducts

Sealing the connections between runs of duct work prevents air from escaping as it moves to different floors and rooms. This conserves energy and makes your home more comfortable.

Energy-Efficiency: EV Charging

Your home's garage is supplied with the power and capabilities for charging options for your electric vehicle.

Energy Efficiency: Smart Home Technology

In addition to programmable thermostats, your home is designed for integrated smart lighting options, zoned/multi-source audio, fire and water protections, security, and TV/phone/data access.

Healthier Living: Passive Radon Mitigation System

Radon mitigation systems are installed in all of our homes to vent this naturally occurring gas and prevent it from impacting the indoor air quality inside your home.

Healthy Living: PestShield Tubing