The Art of Custom Podcast

From finding land to designing the perfect kitchen to what to expect on moving day, The Art of Custom is a home building podcast made with the homeowner in mind!

Each week, we give you an all-access look at the process of designing and building a one-of-a-kind home. We will introduce you to some of the best and brightest in custom home building and offer insight into every step of the building process!

Our goal is for you to walk away inspired and with all of the information you need to make building your dream home an easier and more rewarding journey.

If you're considering building a custom home or are a home design + building enthusiast, follow along as we take you through the process each week.

The Art of Custom Podcast with Kim Hibbs

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Podcast Show Notes & Resources

Custom Home Design & Organization

S4, E7: The Art of Organization

S4, E6: The Art of Organization Bonus Materials: Guide to Holiday Home Organization Home organization is having a moment right now. From television shows to books to celebrity-status Instagram accounts – people cannot get enough of seeing a place for everything and everything in its place. As a custom home builder, one of the things we often see is homeowners who bring their design dreams …

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Air BNB Designers Amie and Kory Hannah

S4, E6: The Art of Entertaining Spaces

S4, E6: The Art of Entertaining Spaces With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us are thinking about those spaces where we will gather with friends and family to connect and celebrate. Many of our clients who are in design right now are planning intentional spaces in their homes where they can spend time with their guests, so we wanted to bring in some …

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Great Room Design Tips for 2021

S4, E5: The Art of The Great Room

S4, E5: The Art of the Great Room If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the great room is the brains of the operation. The open great room is here to stay, and it is the true center of a home’s design. A thoughtful design for the great room starts with a great designer and a great builder. Two of our Utah building …

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Home Builder in Northern Utah Bedroom Design Podcast

S4, E4: The Art of Bedroom Design

S4, E4: The Art of Bedroom Design Bonus Materials: Custom Bedroom Design Gallery In the quest for a good night’s sleep there is one essential element that will predict your success and that is the design of your bedroom! Everything from the materials on the floor to the layout of the space to the windows are important components to creating a cozy space that is …

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Custom Bathroom Design Podcast | The Art of Custom

S4, E3: The Art of Bathroom Design

S4, E3: The Art of Bathroom Design Bonus Materials: Custom Bathroom Design Gallery It is one of the few places some parents can get complete solitude and it is the one room where anyone can unleash their inner Pavarotti. Today we’re talking about the art of bathroom design. From powder rooms to en suites, the basic designs of bathrooms have become anything but basic. There …

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Custom Home Kitchen Design Podcast Episode

S4, E2: The Art of Kitchen Design

S4, E2: The Art of Kitchen Design Bonus Materials: Dream Home Design Worksheet Your dream kitchen awaits! Whether you’re a budding chef or a professional when it comes to ordering carry out, your kitchen’s design is one of the most important elements in your home. A truly beautiful kitchen design starts with function. On this episode of The Art of Custom, we are talking to some …

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The Art of Custom: Exterior Home Design Podcast Episode

S4, E1: The Art of Exterior Home Design

S4, E1: The Art of Exterior Home Design Bonus Materials: Modern Architecture Styles Guide We’re back! It’s time to kick off season four of our home building & design podcast – The Art of Custom.  In season three we took you step-by-step through the custom home building process. You got insights on every piece of the journey from former clients and experts from around the country. …

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Building Your Dream Home Testimonials

S3, E10: What It’s Really Like to Build Your Dream Home

S3, E10: What It’s Really Like Living in Your Dream Home It’s the final episode of season three, so we want to do something a little different! You’ve heard from the experts and been through the home building process step-by-step this season. We’ve talked about everything from finding land to managing your selections, and now we want you to hear about the process from the …

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Accessible Universal Custom Home Designs

S3, E9: Designing Your Home for All Ages & Stages

S3, E9: Designing Your Home for All Ages & Stages Free Download: Your Guide to Aging in Place Planning a home that will be comfortable no matter where life takes you doesn’t require a crystal ball. In fact, you don’t have to drastically alter your design vision to make your home more accessible at all stages of life, it just requires a little bit of …

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Building a Custom Smart Home

S3, E8: The Art of Building a Smart Home

S3, E8: The Art of Building a Smart Home Guide to Smart Home Technology Safety and convenience are the top reasons homeowners are adding smart technology to almost every room of the home. From voice controlled televisions to remote locking on your doors, nearly every appliance and fixture has a smart option on the market today. But smart home technology isn’t just bells, whistles, and …

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