New Home Construction Lending Updates in 2024

S6 Bonus: Updates on Construction Lending in 2024

S6 Bonus: New Home Construction Lending Updates Lend Us Your Ear: The Latest News in Construction Lending in 2024 Curious about the ever-changing world of construction financing? In this special bonus episode, we sit down with friend of the show, Trisha McConkey with Associated Bank, to talk about the latest in lending and financing your …

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9 Ways to Simplify Your Custom Home Design to Save

9 Ways to Simplify Your Home Design and Save

9 Ways to Simplify Your Custom Home Design & Save As your custom home builder, our job is to partner with you to make sure your project matches your vision and construction budget goals. One of the ways we do this by working closely with your architect to value engineer your design and develop a …

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Funding Your New Home Construction Project

S6, E3: In This Economy? Funding Your Dream Home Construction

S5, E3: In This Economy? Funding Your Dream Home Construction Figuring out how you will fund your construction project and securing the right piece of land to build on are critical first steps in the process of building your dream home. However, the steps can feel a little murky, especially if this is your first …

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Joe Schiermann from Groundwork Mortgage on The Art of Custom home building podcast

S5, E4: New Construction Lending in 2022

S5, E4: Navigating Your New Construction Loan If you’re financing your custom home build, you may be asking how the current housing market will affect the cost to build your home. While rising interest rates may have some potential borrowers concerned, there may not necessarily be an impact on your mortgage rate. And, if you’re …

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Season Five Facebook Live Bonus Episode

Value Engineering Your Custom Home Design

Bonus Episode: Value Engineering Your home’s Design The one question on everyone’s mind lately is what does it cost to build a new home? For the most part, that cost is up to you! Finishes, complexity, land, and timing have a major impact on what you ultimately pay for your dream home. However, having the …

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The Four “L’s” That Impact Your Home’s Price

New Home Construction Costs & The “Four L’s” If you’re considering building a custom home, you may be wondering how much it is going to cost. Because you have control over so many aspects – from location to floor plan to finishes – the cost to build your dream home is largely dependent on how …

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Construction Budgeting and lending

S3, E4: The Art of Budgeting & Lending

S3, E4: The Art of Construction Budgeting & Financing Bonus Materials: Guide to Construction Lending For many of us, our homes are the most significant investment we will make in our lifetime. Building a custom home is one of the best ways to get the most out of your time living there, and we want …

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