High Performance HVAC Design

S6, E10: Designing Your HVAC System for Comfort & Efficiency

S6, E10: Designing Your HVAC for Comfort & Efficiency We’re Not Cooling the Neighborhood: HVAC Comfort & Efficiency It is the best of both worlds – being nice and cozy when it’s cold out and staying cool and comfortable when it’s a scorcher. And it all starts with the design and installation of your home’s …

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Do green homes have a higher resale value?

Do Green Homes Have a Higher Resale Value?

Do Green Homes Have a Higher Resale Value? Green home building is more than just an industry buzz word, it is a body of home construction techniques and practices that are gaining importance for home builders, homeowners, and homebuyers. Beyond benefits to the environment, building a green home is about crafting homes measurably more energy-efficient, …

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High Performance Home Excavation and Foundations

S6, E8: High-Performance Home Foundations

S6, E8: High-Performance Home Excavation & Foundations More than just a hole in the ground and formed concrete, the excavation and foundation of a high-performance home may seem simple but paying attention to building science during this phase is crucial to homes that are more durable and comfortable. Joining us in studio is Chris Pedigo, …

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Lahaina Miracle House Materials

S6, E4: The Materials that Made the Lahaina Miracle House

S5, E4: The Materials That Made The Lahaina Miracle House When Hurricane Dora fanned the flames of a dangerous wildfire on the island of Maui, the world watched as the beautiful and historic town turned to ashes. However, standing like a beacon of hope was a 100-year-old home that became known as the Lahaina Miracle …

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Choosing Insulation When Building a New Home

S6, E2: The Wild & Cozy World of Home Insulation

S5, E2: The Wild & Cozy World of Home Insulation Packages When building a high-performance home, it’s what is on the inside that counts the most. In this episode of┬áThe Art of Custom, we take a deep dive into one of the most critical aspects of energy-efficient building – insulation. Building an insulation package that …

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Custom Home Built by Hibbs Homes in Woodland Hills, UT

What Makes a High-Performance Home Different?

What Makes a High-Performance Home Different? If this is your first time building a new home, you may be wondering what exactly is a high-performance home? Put simply, a high-performance home is built with a reliance precision, superior processes, and the high-quality materials. Sometimes called sustainable or green homes, high-performance homes are measured and compared …

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Fred Derner Outside His Webster Groves, MO Green Home

Family Builds An Energy-Efficient Forever Home

How One Family Built Their Energy-Efficient Forever Home The Derner family lived in a home that suited almost all of their needs, but the biggest problem they had with the home was the location. The couple no longer worked near the area they were living in anymore, so they knew it was time for a …

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What is a High-Performance Home? The Difference is Measurable.

Our High-Performance Homes Are Built Above Code & Exceed Energy Efficient Standards by 40-60% As Missouri’s Best Energy Efficient Custom Home Builder, we rely on two of the nation’s most rigorous measures for energy-efficient building: RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System and the EPA’s ENERGY Star home building standards. By using these quality measures as a …

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How Smart Technology Reduces Your Energy Bills

We’re halfway through April and Earth Day is just around the corner. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to share the benefits of using smart technology in your home. While smart home features are convenient, they also help your home run more efficiently and reduce your energy bills – which is great for the …

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