High Performance HVAC Design

S6, E10: Designing Your HVAC System for Comfort & Efficiency

S6, E10: Designing Your HVAC for Comfort & Efficiency We’re Not Cooling the Neighborhood: HVAC Comfort & Efficiency It is the best of both worlds – being nice and cozy when it’s cold out and staying cool and comfortable when it’s a scorcher. And it all starts with the design and installation of your home’s …

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Do green homes have a higher resale value?

Do Green Homes Have a Higher Resale Value?

Do Green Homes Have a Higher Resale Value? Green home building is more than just an industry buzz word, it is a body of home construction techniques and practices that are gaining importance for home builders, homeowners, and homebuyers. Beyond benefits to the environment, building a green home is about crafting homes measurably more energy-efficient, …

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ICON 3D Printed Home Being Built in Texas

S6, E6: 3D Printed Home Building Technology with ICON

S5, E6: Living in the Year 3000: 3D Printed Home Building Living in the Year 3000: 3D Printed Building with ICON While it might seem like something out of a movie, 3D printed homes are popping up around the world and here in the US. One company who is moving these incredibly efficient, sustainable building …

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Lahaina Miracle House Materials

S6, E4: The Materials that Made the Lahaina Miracle House

S5, E4: The Materials That Made The Lahaina Miracle House When Hurricane Dora fanned the flames of a dangerous wildfire on the island of Maui, the world watched as the beautiful and historic town turned to ashes. However, standing like a beacon of hope was a 100-year-old home that became known as the Lahaina Miracle …

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Choosing Insulation When Building a New Home

S6, E2: The Wild & Cozy World of Home Insulation

S5, E2: The Wild & Cozy World of Home Insulation Packages When building a high-performance home, it’s what is on the inside that counts the most. In this episode of┬áThe Art of Custom, we take a deep dive into one of the most critical aspects of energy-efficient building – insulation. Building an insulation package that …

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Energy Efficient Home Building Guide

S5, E8: Energy Efficient Building Special

S5, E8: Energy Efficient Home Building Special Energy Efficiency Day 2022 is October 5, so we’ve put together a special episode that focuses on the benefits of building a green home! Your host, Kim Hibbs, will take you through the latest developments in energy-efficient building practices and walk through the practical results you will see …

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Meteorologist Scott Connell Severe Weather Home Building Podcast

S5, E7: Safe at Home During Extreme Weather

S5, E7: Safe at Home During Extreme Weather There’s no place like home, and what a different story it would have been had Dorothy made it to the storm cellar in time. As more extreme weather events pop up around the country and world, builders are finding systems and techniques to protect their clients’ investments …

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Hibbs Healthy Homes Builder

S5, E2: Building Healthier Homes

S5, E2: Building Healthier Homes What makes a home healthy and why does it matter? Since the early 2000’s, sustainability has pushed the fundamental way we build and live in our homes. LEED certification, passive homes, EnergySTAR, and the list goes on – with a variety of different approaches to building a sustainable home, though, …

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Custom Home Built by Hibbs Homes in Woodland Hills, UT

What Makes a High-Performance Home Different?

What Makes a High-Performance Home Different? If this is your first time building a new home, you may be wondering what exactly is a high-performance home? Put simply, a high-performance home is built with a reliance precision, superior processes, and the high-quality materials. Sometimes called sustainable or green homes, high-performance homes are measured and compared …

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Your Guide to Smart Home Automation

Smart Home & Automation Options to Consider for Your Custom Home. Building a custom home is an excellent opportunity to integrate the latest smart home technology into your home and everyday life. Just a few years ago it was smart thermostats and security that defined a smart home. In 2021, custom homes have become high-tech …

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