Container Home in St Louis, MO Built by Zack Smithey

S5, E12: Living in a Work of Art with Zack Smithey

S5, E12: Living in a Work of Art with Zack Smithey Architecture as art is nothing new, but when you take that idea and weave it through every detail of your home – inside and out – you have something extraordinary. That is exactly what artist Zack Smithey and his wife Brie have done with …

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Lemp Mansion Haunted House

S5, E11: The Haunting of the Lemp Mansion

S5, E11: The Haunting of the Lemp Mansion Listener Note: Today’s episode contains material that is not suitable for all ages. There are several mentions of suicide, violence, and paranormal activity. Listener discretion is advised. In 1980, The Lemp Mansion in South St Louis was named¬†among the nine most haunted homes in America by Life …

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Designing an Organized Home

S5, E10: Organizing Your Way to Happy

S5, E10: Organize Your Way to Happy Home organization is a hot topic among clients who are building homes with us. Closet systems, drop zones, and custom shelving are just a few of the things our team will talk to you about during the design process. Storage systems aren’t the only way to keep your …

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Podcast Episode: Custom Building Process

S5, E9: What to Expect When Building a Custom Home

S5, E9: What to Expect When Building a New Home Building your dream home is an exciting prospect, but there are so many parts and pieces it can feel a little overwhelming. But that is where your custom home building team comes in. So, what does your home builder manage for you, and what should …

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Energy Efficient Home Building Guide

S5, E8: Energy Efficient Building Special

S5, E8: Energy Efficient Home Building Special Energy Efficiency Day 2022 is October 5, so we’ve put together a special episode that focuses on the benefits of building a green home! Your host, Kim Hibbs, will take you through the latest developments in energy-efficient building practices and walk through the practical results you will see …

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Meteorologist Scott Connell Severe Weather Home Building Podcast

S5, E7: Safe at Home During Extreme Weather

S5, E7: Safe at Home During Extreme Weather There’s no place like home, and what a different story it would have been had Dorothy made it to the storm cellar in time. As more extreme weather events pop up around the country and world, builders are finding systems and techniques to protect their clients’ investments …

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Designing a Custom Home for Autistic Adults

S5, E6: An Adaptive Home Design Story

S5, E6: An Adaptive Home Design Story Custom home building is ideal if you want to live in a specialized or adaptive home. Especially if your family is like our Utah clients – the Bell Family! This amazing family contacted our team because they wanted to build a home that was ideal for everyone in …

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S5, E5: Should I Use a Realtor for My New Build?

S5, E5: Realtor & Builder Connection Choosing the best custom builder for your new build is the first step in the home building process, but many people ask if they need a Realtor involved in their home build! While not strictly necessary to build, a Realtor can make finding buildable land easier and they can …

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Joe Schiermann from Groundwork Mortgage on The Art of Custom home building podcast

S5, E4: New Construction Lending in 2022

S5, E4: Navigating Your New Construction Loan If you’re financing your custom home build, you may be asking how the current housing market will affect the cost to build your home. While rising interest rates may have some potential borrowers concerned, there may not necessarily be an impact on your mortgage rate. And, if you’re …

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Season Five, Episode 3

S5, E3: Psychology of Happy Home Design

S5, E3: Psychology of Happy Home Design One of the most rewarding things about being a custom home builder is listening to our clients’ dreams and goals and helping them build a home that empowers them to achieve them.¬† At the end of the day, we’re building beautiful homes that enable our clients to live …

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