Season Five Facebook Live Bonus Episode

Value Engineering Your Custom Home Design

Bonus Episode: Value Engineering Your home’s Design The one question on everyone’s mind lately is what does it cost to build a new home? For the most part, that cost is up to you! Finishes, complexity, land, and timing have a major impact on what you ultimately pay for your dream home. However, having the …

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Hibbs Healthy Homes Builder

S5, E2: Building Healthier Homes

S5, E2: Building Healthier Homes What makes a home healthy and why does it matter? Since the early 2000’s, sustainability has pushed the fundamental way we build and live in our homes. LEED certification, passive homes, EnergySTAR, and the list goes on – with a variety of different approaches to building a sustainable home, though, …

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Podcast Art: Home Sport Court Design

S5, E1: The Art of Home Sport Court Design

S5, E1: The Art of Home Sport Court Design Welcome back! It’s 2022 and we’re thrilled to bring back The Art of Custom for the 5th season. This season, we’re going to take you through some of the more personalized aspects of custom building. We’ll talk with professionals from around the world to share with …

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