Download Our Designing Your Dream Home Worksheet

At Hibbs Homes, we believe the custom home building process should be a fun and exciting one. After all, you’re creating a home that is built to uniquely suit you! While some people have an exact idea of what they want before they come to us, there many other clients who have an idea or a vision but aren’t sure how to that would translate into their dream home – and that’s okay! We have a lot of experience working with both types of homeowners.

For our clients who are still trying to get their thoughts organized, it is helpful to prioritize your design choices by considering your:

  • Needs – Ask yourself, what are your must haves? This could include a first-floor master suite for aging in place, multiple master bedrooms for multi-generational households, or two ovens and sinks for a kosher kitchen. Think about those “musts” in each room and note those on your worksheet.
  • Wants – Wants are those home design elements that would be nice. Additional rooms like safe rooms that utilize traditionally un-excavated areas beneath garages and porches and upgraded smart home technology are growing in popularity and often fall into the “nice to have” area.
  • Wishes – Wishes are add ons you’d like to have if the budget allows. These are those luxury features that are really fun, but aren’t a necessity. Think along the lines of heated floors and premium cabinetry throughout.

We’ve developed our Designing Your Dream Home Worksheet to help you develop your vision for building your dream home, going room by room and determining the highest priority items for you and your family. This could be a fun exercise to complete together or individually to compare your visions. The result is a clearer idea of what your picture perfect home would look like and how it would function.

Download our Designing Your Dream Home Worksheet, and enjoy developing your vision for the perfect home!