Custom Home Built by Hibbs Homes in Woodland Hills, UT

What Makes a High-Performance Home Different?

What Makes a High-Performance Home Different? If this is your first time building a new home, you may be wondering what exactly is a high-performance home? Put simply, a high-performance home is built with a reliance precision, superior processes, and the high-quality materials. Sometimes called sustainable or green homes, high-performance homes are measured and compared …

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Do green homes have a higher resale value?

Do Green Homes Have a Higher Resale Value?

Green home building isn’t just a construction industry buzz word, it is a body of home construction techniques and practices that are becoming increasingly important to homeowners and homebuyers alike. The methods result in homes that are more energy-efficient, require lower maintenance, and healthier than typical new construction homes.   Energy-efficient, sustainable homes are characterized …

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Energy Efficient Custom Home Chesterfield MO Home Builder

Energy Efficient Custom Home in Chesterfield MO

As a St. Louis custom home builder, a large part of our portfolio lies in Chesterfield, MO. We were thrilled to create this custom home with these energy efficient focused clients in an area with which we are so familiar. We built this home to RESNET standards and it sits on a beautiful 1 acre lot. Design Build Features: Other features …

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What is a High-Performance Home? The Difference is Measurable.

Our High-Performance Homes Are Built Above Code & Exceed Energy Efficient Standards by 40-60% As Missouri’s Best Energy Efficient Custom Home Builder, we rely on two of the nation’s most rigorous measures for energy-efficient building: RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System and the EPA’s ENERGY Star home building standards. By using these quality measures as a …

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How Smart Technology Reduces Your Energy Bills

We’re halfway through April and Earth Day is just around the corner. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to share the benefits of using smart technology in your home. While smart home features are convenient, they also help your home run more efficiently and reduce your energy bills – which is great for the …

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Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Your Custom Home

There are many benefits to living in a green home. These small details are how they are achieved. Hibbs Homes Meet Multiple Standards for Energy Efficiency and Quality Craftsmanship As Missouri’s Best Energy Efficient Custom Home Builder, we approach every home that we build with energy savings in mind. We strive to provide our clients …

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Hibbs Homes Named Best Energy Efficient Home Builder in Missouri

We are proud to share that we have been named the Best Energy Efficient Home Builder in Missouri by BUILD Magazine. This award is given to home builders who work tirelessly to ensure the global community decreases its collective carbon footprint by employing high performance building techniques that both reduce energy usage and material waste. …

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Financial Incentives & Tax Credits for Net Zero Homes

These days, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient not only to reduce their energy bills but to also reduce negative impacts on the environment. To do this, many have opted to upgrade their existing homes or build a new energy efficient home from scratch. These green homes are …

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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Utility bills getting you down? You’re not the only one! Luckily, there are some relatively easy ways homeowners can make their home more sustainable and energy efficient. Whether you recently moved into a new home or are looking for simple ways to make an older home more sustainable and reduce your energy bills, we’ve got …

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