5 Landscaping Tips for Your New Home

When it comes to designing your brand-new custom home, there's one detail that may slip by the wayside; landscaping. We get it, picking your home's design and selecting finishes like floor coverings, tile, and countertops often take center stage. Still, landscaping your home is just as important as designing its interior.

At Hibbs Homes, we often partner with Hackmann Lawn and Landscape to ensure the exterior of the homes we build are just as stunning as the interior. Hackmann Lawn and Landscape is a family-owned business serving both residential and commercial clients throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles area. Founded in 2000, they specialize in creating custom outdoor spaces including kitchens, stone fire features, rain gardens, and pool landscaping. Hackmann Lawn and Landscape also assists clients with a variety of services. From landscaping to lawn care, they do it all!

Need a little inspiration for your home's landscaping? No problem! To help you get started, we've put together a list of Hackmann Lawn and Landscape's best landscaping tips for your new home. Check them out below!

Decide Which Plants and Shrubs to Include

Decide on how much work you want to put into caring for your landscaping. If you prefer to keep it low-maintenance, opt for ground cover plants or perennials over seasonal varieties. Ground cover plants are great because they're resistant to drought and require very little water and weeding.

Photo Credit: Hackmann Lawn and Landscape

Use the Right Materials to Make a Statement

Combining landscape edging with mulch creates clean, crisp lines for areas like flower beds and offers a more polished finished design. You can also use them to create a place to house statement pieces in your landscape design such as bird baths, benches, and fountains. Another option is to showcase seasonal design elements like a scarecrow in the fall or a basket of flowers in the spring.

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Incorporate Floral Accents

Add floral accents along stone walkways to enhance your landscape design. Choose a variety that suits your landscape design and will last all year long. The best option here is to plan perennial blooms, as they come back at the same time each year.

walkway lined with flowers

Work Entertaining Areas into Your Landscape Design

Delineate entertaining areas using patio pavers and natural stone. For an added boost to your outdoor entertaining area, take advantage of outdoor lighting. With a wide variety of lighting options like sconces, standing lantern posts, and hanging lights, incorporating lighting into your landscape is easier than ever! Just make sure the lighting you select reflects the overall style of your landscape and home design.

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Make the Most of Retaining Walls

Sure, the main purpose of a retaining wall is to keep the soil from blowing away, but it can also add to your landscape design. When designing your home's retaining wall, consider the materials and movement of the wall. Retaining walls add extra space for flowers and shrubs, especially when utilizing a tiered wall style.

retaining wall designPhoto Credit: Hackmann Lawn and Landscape

For more landscaping tips, be sure to check out Hackmann Lawn and Landscape's blog.

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