Featured Project: Brentwood Custom Home

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Brentwood Custom Home

Custom energy efficient new home in Brentwood, MO

This Brentwood custom home was built for a family that loved the location of their home, but desired a home that was more energy efficient, maintenance free and with better indoor air quality. Since the family wanted to live in the same neighborhood and have family on the same block, we were able to deconstruct the existing home and replace it with a new, efficient home. Special features of this home include:

•   Energy Star windows, lights, and appliances.

•   Timers on electrical outlets

•   Owens Corning Energy Complete air sealing

•   Upgraded insulation

•   Low flow plumbing fixtures

What the homeowners appreciate most about this home is its modern layout and finishes. One may think deconstructing an old home and rebuilding is too costly, but the family was able to build the home of their dreams at an affordable price. If you are interested in building a custom home, contact us today by calling 314-392-9631 to see how we can make it happen!