DIY Design: Bringing it all together with custom home design details

Custom Home Interior Design DetailsInterior Design Details in Your Custom Home Design

Deliberate home design is not just about custom floor plans, it is also about what you do inside your space and how that compliments your lifestyle and family. What suits one family may not be ideal for another - but there are a few easy design elements that you can incorporate into your home as finishing touches that give your house a luxury home feeling.

Color - Did you know that red makes you hungry? Blue makes you feel peaceful? Or that yellow makes you feel more talkative? And just like a little black dress, a perfect neutral can make your home feel dressed to the nines.

There are a couple of ways you can approach bringing color into your house, but a thoughtful color palette is a must to get an authentic luxury home feel. You could select a perfect palette to carry throughout each room, highlighting one color for each room or you could customize a palette for each. If you'd like some inspiration, we have a whole collection of perfect palettes on Pinterest, and we add to them weekly. And we can't stress enough how easy and dramatic a change a coat of paint is on the walls. Don't be afraid to commit, start with an accent wall and then build up if you're nervous. Trust us.

Texture - The second easiest way to dress a space is with the right blend of textiles. Layering a few different types of texture in the room will add luxury. And that doesn't just mean rugs and pillows, we're talking curtains and throws, furniture and accessories. Another commitment phobia many people have with their homes is curtains, but if correctly hung (at least 6" above the top, and go wider than the casement on each side) you can add drama and open up a space while pulling a room together.

This is one area where you can go neutral and still have dazzling affects, so this should be the least of your commitment worries. If curtains just aren't your thing, plantation blinds still add texture and privacy while dressing up a window. The options are really only limited by your patience for coming through them.

Scale - Finally, consider scale when you are placing objects in your room. This could be a no cost change that could make a big difference. Stand back and look at your room, what is the first thing your eyes are drawn to? Often our eyes are drawn to something that seems out of place, or because it is out of scale with the rest of your space. If everything is balanced your eye will move through the space. This rule obviously doesn't apply when you have an intentional statement piece in the room, but it is a good place to start if a room just doesn't have a comfortable or pulled together feeling to you. Consider rearranging furniture so everything on the same scale is in one room. Large doesn't always have to be in a large room mind you, but generally you want your items to feel like the belong in the space and that nothing is lost or overpowering.

From pillows and rugs, to curtains and walls - whether you make your home a comfortable oasis or a command center - custom home design all in what you need, and how you achieve it.