Designing Your Dream Home Worksheet

Building your custom home is a fun and exciting process! After all - you are building a home personalized for your lifestyle and goals. Our number one focus is making sure you have the best experience bringing your dreams and design ideas to life.

You may have an exact idea of what you want to build and plans you have been working on in your mind for years. But you can also come to our design/build team with a vague idea or a vision and need our expertise to put together a home that is functional and beautiful. No matter where you are at, we're ready to help you build a home that is truly personalized for your life today and your dreams of tomorrow.

Whether your home's design starts scratch or you prefer to start with a floor plan from our library that you can customize for your land and needs, choosing a home builder that specializes in custom construction means the process of building your home is streamlined for you. There are a lot of decisions to make - after all, a truly custom home is only built once! You need an experienced team to guide you through the unique process of a true custom home project and help you manage the challenges and opportunities.

No matter where you are in your new home building journey, putting your ideas down on paper can be a fun and useful way to start organizing your thoughts and begin planning your dream home. That is why we have put together a worksheet that outlines a number of the decisions you'll need to make when building your new home.

While filling out your Dream Home Design Worksheet, think about how you live today and your goals for the future. Your life and goals will help you prioritize your design and make decisions about everything from the floor plan to the functionality of your home.

As you think through the details of each room and how you will use these spaces, we recommend you consider your needs, wants, and wishes to help prioritize your design choices. Determining must-haves and nice-to-haves is a great way to help you start thinking about your construction budget, as well.

  • Needs – Ask yourself, what do you absolutely have to include? Is a first-floor master suite for aging in place or multiple master bedrooms for aging parents a priority? Do you need a kosher kitchen or a double island for entertaining family and friends? Think about those “musts” in each room and note those on your worksheet with an asterisk (*).
  • Wants – Wants are those home design elements that would make life easier and really make it a dream home? Additional rooms like flex rooms, gyms, or safe rooms are gaining in popularity. Second-floor laundry and heated bathroom floors are another great addition to add a touch of luxury and ease to your every day.
  • Wishes – Wishes are those extras you’d like to include, "if the budget allows." Luxury features that are really fun but aren’t a necessity often fall into the wishes category. Main floor wine cellars and expanded master suites with sitting rooms or private balconies are just some of the wishes that could be added to make your dream home picture perfect.

The dream home design worksheet is one of the first documents we give to our new home building prospects when they're starting the design process. We have found it is a great tool to get the creative juices flowing and to start thinking about your entire home's design!

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