Hibbs Zero: Net Zero Energy Efficient Homes now available

Net Zero Homes generate more energy than they use, providing value, payback

Zero Energy Home Builder in St LouisWe have long been pioneers in building energy efficient homes in Missouri. Now, we are looking to increase the number of energy-efficient homes in the St Louis region in a big way. Just in time for Earth Day, we are presenting our home building clients with a new option for building their best home.

Our new Hibbs Zero Homes achieve zero energy status by combining energy saving building techniques and technology with energy generating elements. These custom energy efficient homes are designed to produce enough energy and save enough energy to completely offset the expected electricity needs of a home for an average family of four.

The result? The potential for ZERO home energy costs.

"Many other cities and states around the country are adopting aggressive standards to make new homes more energy efficient. We would love to see Missouri homeowners begin to adopt these standards on their own. The benefits of a zero energy home are truly incredible. They're lower maintenance, longer-lasting, and they provide a healthier home for the families that live within them. We are confident that as more people learn about this way of building, they'll choose a zero energy home over traditional construction every time," said Kim Hibbs, President of Hibbs Homes.

Green Home Building Leaders

As St. Louis's premiere energy efficient home builder, we have longĀ been on the forefront of high performance home building, partnering with national and international organizations to build landmark energy efficient projects in Missouri. Having built three high performance showcase homes in the region that served as models for High Performance Education and study worldwide, our team has shown a dedication to education about green home building, and hopes that by putting Hibbs Zero homes front and center, they'll continue the conversation about building better homes.

A better choice when building your home

"As a custom home builder, we view our role as that of a trusted advisor. We are working to ensure that our clients are making the right choices for them from the design and location to the features of their new home. We know that a new home is typically the largest investment our clients will make, and so we want it to perform over its life as efficiently and effective as possible," said Matt Belcher, Director of Sales for the green home builder. "Our clients that build a zero energy home enjoy the same energy costs in ten years from now as they will the day they move in - ZERO."

According to ZeroEnergyProject.com, a zero energy home will cost less to own than a conventional home because the up-front investment, included in the monthly mortgage payment, will be lower than the monthly energy savings, resulting in positive cash flow to the owner the very first month. For example, if the higher cost of building a zero energy home adds $100 per month onto the mortgage, but your energy savings are $200 a month, then you are actually SAVING $100 a month by living in a zero energy home. Based on the average energy consumption from the U.S. DOE, a net zero energy home consumes approximately $150,000 less energy over a 30-year period, compared to an average existing home.

Making a positive environmental impact

As Earth Day approaches, global climate change is on the forefront of discussions worldwide. A recent Gallup poll showed that public concern over global warming was at a 10-year high, with many respondents indicating that they were overwhelmed and confused about how they could combat the issue on their own. With energy from residential and commercial buildings making up 40% of total energy usage, contributing major greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making the choice to build a zero energy home is one significant way that consumers can choose to make a change.

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