8 Luxury Backyard Ideas to Elevate Your Home's Design

When it comes to building a brand-new custom home, the luxury design details aren't limited to the interior of the home. Incorporating those elements into the home's exterior design and backyard are just as important. Here are eight of our favorite luxury backyard ideas to elevate your custom home's design and create a space your family will love to hang out in!

Outdoor Kitchens

Blend indoor and outdoor living with an outdoor kitchen on the patio or deck. With a built-in grill, beverage fridge, and plenty of counter space, you can easily keep essential items right at your fingertips while hosting family and friends for a summer barbeque. After all, what better way to enjoy a warm summer evening than with a cold drink and a freshly grilled meal?

grilling in an outdoor kitchen in a luxury backyard

Outdoor Lounges

What goes well with a luxurious outdoor kitchen? An outdoor lounge! Whether having friends and family over for a barbeque or just enjoying a family meal outside, an outdoor lounge provides another excellent way to blend indoor and outdoor living. Think comfortable patio seating, built-in bar, and a flat-screen TV. With the right mix, you'll never want to spend your time anywhere else!

Built-In Speakers

No luxury backyard is complete without some tunes! A built-in sound system will ensure you never miss a beat while spending time in the backyard. Take it a step further and add underwater speakers to the pool and spa.luxury backyard speakers

Built-in Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Who doesn't love a summer night spent outside and relaxing around a fire with family and friends? An outdoor fire feature like a built-in fire pit or full-on fireplace is a functional way to enhance your outdoor space while creating visual interest! Regardless of which option you choose for your backyard, this is a trend that will help you enjoy your outdoor space even as the weather heads into cooler months.

luxury backyard with fire feature

Covered Porch or Pergola

A covered porch offers a shady spot to sit while enjoying your backyard. If a covered porch isn't in the cards for your home's design, consider a patio with a pergola feature. The pergola offers plenty of shade while creating a stunning focal point. You can even boost it's privacy by incorporating a slatted wall on one side.

Hibbs Homes Mediterranean Style Home Town & Country MO 14

Pool and Spa

Nothing completes a luxury backyard design quite like a pool and spa. No matter the size, a pool and spa goes a long way in converting your outdoor space to your very own outdoor oasis. For an elegant touch, include a waterfall feature in your pool's design.

luxury backyard with pool and spa


Enjoying your outdoor space well into the night is a breeze thanks to an array of lighting options to make the backyard functional for nighttime use. When it comes to lighting, the options are endless! Have lights built into deck stairs and posts, which is not only visually appealing but reduces the risk of falls. For a classic touch, wrap white string lights around trees or use lantern lights for a more sophisticated feel. An unexpected way to add a fun lighting feature is using color-changing underwater lighting in the pool or spa.


Water Features

From fountains to man-made ponds, water features are a great way to add a luxurious element to your outdoor space. Whether a fountain featuring a custom made sculpture or a koi fish pond with a bridge extending over it, a stunning water feature will enchant your family and friends.


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