2021 Luxury Home Building Must-Haves

Designing and building your new home from scratch is an exciting and rewarding process that give you the opportunity to build the your dream home to your exact vision and specifications.

Whether you choose to work with an architect to create a floor plan from scratch or decide to modify an existing, the design phase is the heart of a custom home building. Two questions to ask yourself during the design process are:

  1. How will I use the different spaces in my floor plan?
  2. What new home building features should I include in my floor plan to add an extra touch of comfort and luxury to every day?

No two custom homes are alike, so the answers to the first two questions are different for every homeowner. But when it comes to the latest home features you should consider for your new home, our design team has you covered. From unique accessories to making space where you need it most, here are ten ideas for must-haves when building a custom home in 2021.

Outlets in Walk-In Closets

Make getting ready and charging accessories easier by adding outlets to the wall or central island in your walk-in closet. During your electrical walk-thru of your custom home, you get to choose where you want to locate outlets. Place a receptacle in an oversized closet so you can watch the news while you get ready for your day or have easy access to your smartwatch when putting on jewelry.

Wall-Mounted Pot Filler

Luxury Custom Home Must Haves in 2021 Pot Filler

No chef's kitchen is complete without a pot filler above the cooktop! Whether it's cooking pasta or lobster, lugging a pot from the sink can be a messy or difficult job if it's too heavy. Over the last year, novice home cooks have had a chance to brush up their skills, so if pandemic baking and cooking has turned into a new hobby, we recommend installing a faucet with an articulating arm above the stove.

Second-Floor Laundry

Piles of bed linens and dirty gym socks no longer linger when you can just walk down the hall and pop them in the wash. The quieter and more compact washer and dryers are ideal for laundry stations on the second floor or just off the main bedroom. During the design stage, look for walls where the plumbing will likely be run for bathrooms and locate an additional laundry station to complement a primary laundry room on the main floor. You can use the time saved by staying caught up on laundry to treat yourself as a thank you for thinking ahead!

Integrated Whole-House Sound

Listen to your favorite homebuilding podcast after working out in your home gym and move to the kitchen. Or move the party outside without missing a beat of the perfect playlist. When building your custom home, design it to accommodate a whole-house sound system. If your sound system is integrated with smart home technology, you can even create scenes with automated lighting and music. Your whole house sound system can send you off in the morning with the information you need and welcome you to a calm and comfortable home at the end of the day.

Future Elevator Space

Whether you're building a multigenerational home or your forever home where you can age in place, designing for mobility changes is a must when building a new home. Many recent clients have chosen to include in their floor plan a planned space that can easily convert to an elevator later down the road. A space for a future elevator is also an excellent option for homeowners who do not want their main bedroom on the first floor!

Climate-Controlled Wine Storage

Custom Wine Storage for New Home Must Haves

Having wine ready to go, at precisely the right temperature is the dream for the end of a long day and a must for cooks and entertainers. But you don't have to trudge to the recesses of the wine cellar to get that perfect sip any longer! A climate-controlled storage room on the main level, adjacent to the family or dining room, is on-trend and a must-have if you're designing and building your new home.

Our custom home building experts are ready to help you make the most of your floor plan and incorporate the latest home design trends!

Get in touch with our home building team to learn more about the process of building a custom home. We are here to help you determine your next step toward your dream home!