Top 7 Luxury Home Features of 2020

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Today's custom homes have more luxury features than ever before, and it's no surprise these features have become must-haves when it comes to building a new home. As a custom design-build firm in St. Louis, Hibbs Homes makes it a point to listen to our homeowners, and the top luxury home features they request most might surprise you. Maybe it's our Midwestern practicality or perhaps we just prefer tried and true over fads and trends. Either way, it's clear that the top luxury home features of 2020 are practical, smart, and destined to become classics.

Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is on the top of the list when it comes to high-end features in a newly built home. What was decidedly luxury a few years ago is becoming standard thanks to Amazon partnering with many home builders and offering to put their Alexa in new homes. Whether you use Apple, Amazon, Google or any of the other smart home technology available, you can control just about everything from lights to your home's temperature with a few clicks on your phone.

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Open Floor Plans

These days, homeowners want to entertain, and they want to entertain big. An open floor plan with a kitchen, great room, and dining area is imperative for those who enjoy entertaining. The seamless flow from one room to the next encourages guests to mingle while ensuring there's enough room for everyone.

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Flex Space

Homeowners have also said they want more flexible rooms. For some, that means a study that could one day be a bedroom. Others may prefer a second master suite in the lower level that could be used as an apartment or living quarters for live-in relatives. Today's homes are designed with the understanding that a homeowner's needs may change as their family grows. A thoughtful design allows their home to grow with them as those needs change.

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Athletic Courts

One of the biggest luxury home features today is an indoor athletic court. This feature is ideal for families with kids in sports. The at-home court provides ample space to practice when not in school. It also keeps kids busy and off their screens during school breaks and weekends. That being said, athletic courts are also great for those living an active lifestyle as it provides a place to work out year-round, which is ideal if you live in an area prone to undesirable weather.

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Fitness Room

What's the difference between a fitness room and an indoor athletic court? We're glad you asked! While both provide a great place to workout, there are some major distinctions between the two. An indoor athletic court is typically designed to look like a basketball court. In contrast, a fitness room is usually filled with exercise equipment such as a treadmill, free weights, and weight machines. This lets homeowners skip the gym and workout from home at their convenience.

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Storage and Organization

There's no such thing as too much storage! So, it's no surprise that many homeowners are opting to include a Butler's Pantry in their home design, in addition to a traditional pantry. Many kitchens also include creative cabinet storage like built-in spice racks and utensil holders. Storage solutions extend to the rest of the home as well. Whether it's walk-in closets or built-in shelving, more storage options are important to today's homeowners.

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Service Kitchens

For those who entertain, the service kitchen is a must-have! This luxury feature allows the host to prepare the meal behind the scenes without heating up the main living area. It also keeps the mess out of the way, and if professional chefs, servers or caterers are managing the meal, it gives them a place away from guests.


Considering incorporating some of these luxury home features into your custom home? Hibbs Homes can help! As a premier custom home builder in the St. Louis area, Hibbs Homes specializes in creating homes customized to suit the needs, budget, and personality of each family we work with. Get in touch with our team to get started designing the home of your dreams!