Luxury Dream Home in Eureka, MO

Our clients, Larry and Kathi Vandeven, always dreamed of building a home to their specifications. As they were looking for the right piece of land, they happened upon a home that checked a lot of their boxes. While meeting with Kim and Jan Hibbs to find a builder they began describing the home and, in a turn of fate, it just so happened to have been built by Hibbs Homes!

Our team was able to bring them through that home and the Vandevens had an opportunity to see first hand the difference our approach to home building makes in terms or quality and craftsmanship. From there the project was off and running.

While they were a bit apprehensive about making the custom home building process, they quickly realized that the experience our team brought to the table and  through the use of our new construction planning technology made the process easier to manage and a lot more fun than they expected.


5,497 sqft

4 Bedrooms



Custom Design with Family in Mind

With aid of their designer and superintendent, Larry and Kathi were able to focus on the most important aspects of their home and prioritize their construction budget so their home was perfectly tailored to their tastes and that accommodates entertaining their large families on holidays and during the summer.

While finding a high-performance builder wasn't a top priority during the decision making process, they quickly saw the benefits of our Hibbs Healthy Homes building standards for building healthier, higher-performing homes. In fact, they joined our custom home building podcast to share how impressed they were with the results of building green.

"Our heating bills during the winter have been roughly half of what we spent at our previous home, which was the equivalent size," Larry said.

They also shared that since moving into their low-maintenance, more comfortable home it has been like going on vacation every night when they get home from work.

Photos of Luxury Eureka Ranch

Luxury Eureka Ranch Virtual Tour