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Salt Lake City, Utah Community Profile

Salt Lake City's boundaries extend as far north as North Salt Lake, as far West as the Stansbury Mountains, as far east as Killyon Canyon, and just to the Sugar House Neighborhood to the south. More than half of the Salt Lake Valley is made up of the suburban communities that surround Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is the hub to what has become known as the Wasatch Front - a large population corridor along the western front of the Rocky Mountains.

This area of Northern Utah is home to 3,000,000 people and spans the Wasatch Front of the Rockies from the city of Perry in the north and Spanish Fork in the south. Salt Lake City proper more than half of that population, with just over 191,000 residents.


Salt Lake City was founded on July 24, 1847 by a group of pioneers who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which would later become known as the Mormons. Led by Brigham Young, these Mormon pioneers were the first to settle permanently in the Salt Lake Valley.

Within a few days of arrival, plans were drawn for Great Salt Lake City, named after the salty inland lake which dominated the desert to the west. Out from the city center, which is now Temple Square, blocks were arranged on a grid pattern in 10-acre squares separated by streets 132 feet wide, which was large enough to make a u-turn with 4 a team of oxen and a covered wagon.

In the two decades that followed, thousands of Mormon immigrants came to the Salt Lake Valley from across the United States and from European countries. These immigrants brought their culture, languages, and skills to the valley, building Salt Lake City into a cosmopolitan community that has become known as the Crossroads of the West. Salt Lake City is a vibrant community that is now home to the headquarters for many tech giants and is the industrial banking center of the United States.


The city is served by the Salt Lake City School District, which is the 9th largest school district in Utah, providing education services to 25,000 students in 12 schools from grades PK-12. The Salt Lake City School District boundary follows to the official boundaries of Salt Lake City.

The school district operates three high schools. East High School is near the University of Utah serving the southwest and central east side of the city and was where the High School Musical movies were filmed. West High School, in western downtown, serves the north and west side of the city, while Highland High School near Sugar House Park serves the southeast part of the city.

There are six middle schools in the Salt Lake City School District: Bryant Middle School, Clayton Middle School, Glendale Middle School, Hillside Middle School, Northwest Middle School, and Olympus Junior High. In addition, West High School offers grades 7th and 8th as part of an extended learning program.

To serve grades kindergarten through sixth, the school district operates 27 elementary schools. Riley, Edison, and Mountain View Elementary schools are unique in that they serve grades K-5, while the school's 6th graders move on to Glendale Middle School. Most elementary schools also offer preschool services in the Salt Lake City School District.

Public charter schools in the district include Open Classrooms - an elementary and middle school that has been part of the district since 1977 and is currently housed in the building that was Lowell Elementary. Open High School of Utah was established in 2009.

Some notable schools in Salt Lake City include:

  • Beacon Heights Elementary
  • Ensign Elementary
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Uintah Elementary
  • Bonneville Elementary

Top private schools in Salt Lake City:

  • Judge Memorial Catholic High School
  • Carden Memorial School
  • Carmen Pingree Center
  • The McGillis School
  • Primary Children’s Medical Center School


Emigration Canyon - Just a few minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, Emigration Canyon is where the pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. This park offers grand panoramic views of the entire valley, as well as access to hiking and biking trails

Red Butte Garden & Arboretum - The largest botanical garden in the Intermountain West, Red Butte Gardens is the state arboretum operated by the University of Utah. Featuring 21 acres of themed gardens and 75 acres of natural area, Red Butte Gardens is nestled in the foothills just minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City. The gardens are renowned for their plant collections and have over 500,000 springtime blooms. Open year-round, they have something for everyone, and, in the summer, they offer a world-class outdoor concert series.

Ensign Peak Park - Gorgeous short hike with sweeping views of the city. This is where the first pioneers surveyed the valley and decided how to plan Salt Lake City.

Liberty Park/Tracy Aviary - Liberty Park is the second largest park in Salt Lake City. It has been described as the best example of a central park theme this side of Central Park in New York City. The park is home to Tracy Aviary, the educational aviary for Salt Lake City and the state of Utah. Occupying several acres of Liberty Park, the aviary is a beautiful setting that will thrill naturalists and bird watchers alike.

This is the Place Heritage Park - Celebrating the pioneering spirit that forged Salt Lake City, This is the Place Heritage Park offers opportunities for visitors to explore and experience life western pioneers and a Native American village. The park offers train and pony rides, gold panning, and farm animal encounters. Kids can cool off at the Irrigation Station Splash Pad after spending the day exploring and learning from saddle makers, blacksmiths, tinsmiths.

Memory Grove - An unexpected surprise and perhaps the best-kept secret in Salt Lake City, wander among the monuments dedicated to fallen soldiers then climb up the steps to the Capitol grounds for spectacular views of Salt Lake City.

International Peace Gardens at Jordan Park - Organized in the 1930s, the International Peace Gardens was not completed until after World War II. The park has 28 plots which represent 28 different countries. Each country sponsors its plot, placing their flag, plants native to their country, and buildings styled after the country's traditional architecture. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the views and a peaceful afternoon.

Places of Worship

Salt Lake City is the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons), which has helped to shape the geography and culture in Salt Lake City. The success of the 2002 Winter Olympics was largely attributed to the can-do spirit they imparted on the city, and the large segment of volunteers provided by the LDS church.

Other places of worship include, but are not limited to:

  • First Southern Baptist Church
  • St. Ambrose Catholic Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • All Saints Episcopal Church
  • Scientology Church
  • Centenary United Methodist Church
  • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
  • Central 7th Day Adventist Church
  • First Unitarian Church
  • Pentecostals of Salt Lake

Fun Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Natural History Museum of Utah – One of the premier natural history museums in the country, the museum connects residents and visitors with the natural landscapes and cultures of Utah. Housing over 1.5 million specimens and objects in the beautifully designed, green building.

Mormon Temple Square - The beautiful buildings and grounds in Mormon Temple Square are open to everyone, and they have guides available to show you around and answer questions. Sunday morning broadcasts are open to the public for free.

Clark Planetarium - This space and science museum features over 10,000 square feet of free hands-on exhibits, an IMAX theater, and a Planet Fun Store filled with science and space inspired gifts.

Hogle Zoo - This 42-acre zoo is located at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, with exhibits that feature various birds, mammals, and reptiles from around the world.

City Creek Shopping Center - A unique shopping and dining destination in Salt Lake located across from Temple Square, the man-made City Creek runs through this open-air mall and offers visitors the opportunity to shop, eat, and relax among high-end stores. The mall is on both sides of Main Street and is connected by a sky bridge. There is an award-winning retractable roof that makes visiting at any time of year a pleasant experience.

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