Utah Custom Home Pricing & Planning Guide

What Does it Cost to Build a New Home in Salt Lake City, UT?

If you're thinking about building your next home, you are likely be wondering, "How much does it cost to build a custom home?"

Ultimately, the construction costs for building a custom home is up to you!

You'll need to know what square footage do you need, and is it a rambler floor plan or two-story home. What do your roof lines look like, a lot of arches or peeks? If you're building into the mountain-side, how will the driveway need to be poured? And don't forget those gorgeous Wasatch Back landscapes. What window arrangement will make the most of your view?

While other factors like labor will come into play, there are a lot of ways you control the amount of money you will invest in building your new home.

This custom home pricing and planning guide is a primer for getting a better understanding of what comes together to create a construction budget. Because every home we build is one of its kind, a price per square foot is very misleading, and this guide will show you why. In true custom home building, 100 square feet of one home can be wildly different than 100 square feet of another.

Take a look through this guide to get a better understanding of the different levels you can take your home to, how simple doesn't mean boring and builder-grade. The beauty of custom building is that, with the right builder, your goals for balancing beauty and investment can be achieved without cutting corners.

Our Custom Home Pricing and Planning Guide is here to help you start planning the next steps in building your dream home!

Looking for A Pricing Estimate?

Our custom home floor plan library has an instant pricing feature built in- simply find a home that is similar to what you want to build and request an estimate!