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As a dedicated custom home builder, Hibbs Homes specializes in working with you and your architect of choice to bring your vision and plans for your home to life.

Our experience with custom home building means we can take your vision and ideas and build an estimate on what it would cost to build that home in the location where you want to build it.

Whether it is a cozy ski-out chalet, a spacious modern mountain retreat, or something in between - tell our team what you want to build and we'll help you figure out how to build it!

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Pricing Based on a Floor Plan

Have you explored our library of previously built custom homes and floor plans? We can provide you with an estimate of the cost to customize and built a similar home in the neighborhood where you want to build.

To get an estimate of pricing based on a floor plan from our lubrary:

  • Choose a location we build homes in Utah or tell where you already own land to get instant pricing on what it will cost to build the example home in that location.
  • We’ll also send you information on what factors affect the price of building a new home and how to stay within your construction budget.
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Custom Home Planning Guide

what does it cost to design & build a custom home in park city, UT

Building a custom home in Northern Utah is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is also important to have a realistic understanding of what costs are involved and what drives those costs. After all, fifty square feet of your dream home is going to look and feel vastly different from fifty square feet of someone else's dream home!

Custom home building costs can vary widely depending on a number of key factors, including the size and complexity of your home's design, the materials and finishes used, and the location/topography of your lot.

Your custom home builder is there to help you make the most of your investment by guiding you in many of these areas while working with your architect or designer on your floor plan. By value engineering your home's design, your home costs will be put into the most important areas of your design and construction. The best way to prioritize your construction budget is to have your builder at the table before your floor plan starts taking shape!

Your custom builder's experience will also help ensure your design stays within your target budget. A comprehensive understanding of how design impacts the cost of labor and materials for a home, as well as an understanding of what current pricing looks like, will help make sure that the home you design takes into account the actual construction of the home at any given point in time. This also means your builder should have experience with a variety of different floor plans - a true custom home builder has never built the same home twice so has that breadth of experience!

Working closely with a trusted builder or general construction who can provide you with accurate estimates and make informed designed about the design and materials of your home is key to making sure you get the home you dream and meet your goal for price to build.