Seasoon 1, Episode 8: The Art of Custom Home Design

Aesthetic & Functional Design Details In Your New Home

Custom home dreams often start with a vision, and in this episode, we will dig into the aesthetic and functional details of new home design. Learn what to expect as you begin the process of making interior and design selections for your new home.

The design process and the end result can be very reflective of your personality and your lifestyle. Our team will talk about the choices you can make and how they will impact your overall experience and budget.

In this episode, we discuss:

    • Keeping your home's style timeless
    • Prioritizing your wish list to work within your budget
    • Designing the life you want to live
    • How to work with an interior designer
    • How to discover & define your design style preferences
    • Do's and don'ts of interior design
    • The process of change orders & what to expect when you make changes to your home's design
    • Hot & upcoming home feature trends


    • Houzz - A great tool to help you research, organize, and curate design ideas.