Season 1, Episode 9: The Art of Smart Home Automation

Today, we are joined by smart home automation and security experts Tony Pratte of The Sound Room and Angie Cassidy of ABF Security.

We dive into the current and emerging technologies that are available to homeowners to automate entertainment, lighting, appliances, security, and more.

Tune in to find out:

    • What is a smart home?
    • What infrastructure is required to start automating functions in your home
    • Estimated costs around the installation of various smart home and security features, including scalable solutions
    • How to add technology into your home without worrying about it becoming quickly outdated.
    • How to protect your privacy & data with in-home technology
    • The difference between DIY and managed home security
    • In-home fire protection & water protection options

Click here for our Definitive Guide on Smart Home Automation.

For more information on home entertainment and smart home technology, reach out to Tony Pratte of The Sound Room.

For more information on Home Security, Fire Prevention, Home Energy Management, and more, contact Angie Cassidy and the experts at ABF Security.