Season 2, Episode 13: Designing & Building a Dream Home

All season long, we've followed Rick and Meredith Schaper, owners of Dogtown Pizza, through their journey of designing and building their dream home in the historic Dogtown neighborhood in St. Louis.

As our team was hard at work putting the final touches on the home we had a chance to sit down with the Schapers. In this episode, we turned back the clock on this design-build project, review the timeline, and listen in as the project took shape. The last year has certainly presented challenges but we never lost sight of the goal - delivering a better-built home inspired by their life today and their goals for tomorrow!

Moving day is just on the horizon for this dream home project that began construction eight months ago! We can't wait to welcome Rick & Meredith home and bring you the final episode of the season!

Next on The Art of Custom - "Welcome to Your Home Rick & Meredith!"