Season 2, Episode 7: High-Performance Insulation 101

In today's episode, we're talking about the most important element of any custom home - insulation. As a high-performance home builder, Hibbs Homes knows that insulation and your home's thermal envelope are key decisions in the process of building better homes. You can change your selections, flooring, cabinetry, and lighting fixtures very easily after you've built your home, but your thermal envelope is something that can't easily be changed once your home is complete - and impacts nearly every aspect of your home's performance.

What is the Thermal Envelope?

Thermal Envelope Building EnvelopeA home's thermal envelop is the physical separator between the conditioned (inside) and unconditioned (outside) environment.

Hibbs Homes builds every home with a stronger barrier between the inside and the outside. This reinforced thermal envelope prevents air, heat, water, and energy transfer to the inside of your home.  In the picture at the right, the building envelope is highlighted by the red line.

An important element in building a tighter thermal envelope is using higher-grade insulation. Using construction materials like Blown-in ProPink insulation, EnergyComplete Air Sealant, and attic insulation, make your home more comfortable, has better indoor air quality, and is more energy-efficient.

In addition to a strong barrier of materials inside, we also built this home using ZIP System Wall Sheathing. The ZIP Sytems is made up of insulated framing panels, taping, and sealants that provide integrated protection against unwanted air leakage and moisture intrusion.

High-Performance Home Insulation