Bonus Episode: Value Engineering Your home's Design

The one question on everyone's mind lately is what does it cost to build a new home? For the most part, that cost is up to you! Finishes, complexity, land, and timing have a major impact on what you ultimately pay for your dream home.

However, having the right builder/architect team in place before you go into the design process is one of the most important ways you can manage the construction costs of your new home. By including your builder in the process, you can manage your costs and even mitigate some of the cost and timeline risks inherent in building a home that has never been built before. 

Getting your builder and your architect involved up front is one of the key ways you can Value Engineer your new home. And if this is your first time building a custom home, you might be curious what that means and how it can help you. To discuss this approach to building, we visited Jeff Day from Jeff Day Architects in St Louis, MO to host a live discussion and take questions. And today we're sharing that conversation on our podcast so you can hear it, too!

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