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Maybe you've always wanted to design and build a home of your own. Maybe you simply can't find a home that fits your family's needs and don't want to fit your life into someone else's floor plan. At Hibbs Homes, we build the home you want where you want it – on your land. Every home we build is tailored for our clients, which means we’ve never built the same home twice.

Our partner architects, designers, and construction team are here to help you bring your vision to life. Our expert home building team is your partner through the process, guiding you as we work together to turn your vision into your dream home.

We build better-built custom homes - homes that are well-crafted, low maintenance, and energy-efficient. We have an A+ rating from the BBB in part because of our unique approach to homebuilding. Because of our transparent process, which includes a Risk-Free Planning Process & Price Guarantee, your experience building a custom home will be exciting and rewarding.

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  • When you build a custom home, communication is the key to eliminating the stress. That's what we appreciated the most. Hibbs Homes is exceptional at that part of the process.

— Vandeven Family,
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Our clients trust us to turn their dream home into a reality. Throughout the process, a dedicated design and construction team works with their assigned clients to assist in budgeting, floor plan development, and making design choices. We work to understand their home building goals, and to make certain they are met at the completion of construction.

How do we ensure we consistently deliver on our promise of better-built custom homes in the Salt Lake City region?

Our approach to home building is different, and it is our dedication to communication and proven processes that makes the home building experience exceptional for our clients. In fact, communication is one of our core values. Just as every home we build is different, every client’s custom home building journey is different. Here are just a few of the stories our customers have shared with us about life in their dream home - and the process of making their vision a reality.

From Cookie Cutter to Custom Home: A Client’s Home Building Journey

Hibbs Homes custom home building clients share their experience building a truly custom home with our team.

Three Years Later: Life in Active House USA in Webster Groves

On the eve of Earth Day, the owners of one of North America’s most energy efficient homes share their experience living in this unique home. Three years ago, hundreds of people lined up to view a one of a kind home built in Webster Groves. The home, built by Hibbs Homes and designed by Jeff Day & Associates Architects was …

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Family Builds Their Perfect Home For Less Than Buying

The Derner family lived in a home that suited almost all of their needs, but the biggest problem they had with the home was the location. The couple no longer worked near the area they were living in anymore, so they knew it was time for a move. They looked and looked for a house …

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Couple Designs and Builds Their Perfect Energy Efficient Home with Hibbs Homes

With four children, eight grandchildren, and a growing congregation to serve, Mark and Gayle Friz dreamed of a day that they’d have enough space to host them all in their home. The Friz’s have served as a pastoral couple since 1994 and had lived in the church parsonage since their arrival. As they neared retirement …

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Permanent Vacation: Couple Builds Luxury Dream Home on a Hill

Custom-Built Home Designed As An Everyday Getaway For Couple & Their Pups Barbara and Chris waited more than 10 years to build their dream home, and by the time they began their project with our team, they had a very clear vision of the home they wanted to build. They purchased a large wooded lot …

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Award-Winning Custom Home Builder

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Front of custom built home by Hibbs Homes

Custom Home Gallery

Get inspiration for your custom home construction project by exploring our gallery of past projects. As you explore our library, you will see innovative, personal home designs that the Hibbs Homes team has built for our clients in Salt Lake City and St Louis. These homes vary in style, size, form, and function because every home is truly custom designed to achieve our clients’ goals. As you peruse our floor plans and gallery of completed projects, we encourage you to take note of the elements that you want included in your custom home.

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  • We wanted to design a home where we could spend time together, a place where we could unwind from the stress of our day-to-day lives

— Barbara & Chris,
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New Home Construction Process

As we guide you through the budgeting, design, and selection stages of your home construction project, you will benefit from the proven processes that make us stand apart from other home builders in the Salt Lake City region. We know that communication is the foundation of an exceptional building experience, so we provide you with access to an online dashboard where you can easily monitor the progress of your project and communicate with our building team.

At Hibbs Homes, we are your partner from the planning and design process through your closing and warranty period. We work closely with your architect to ensure the goals for your dream home are achieved - and that your design stays within your budget. Your project manager and superintendent are your team throughout the home building process. They are there to answer your questions, keep your home on schedule, and to help you make decisions as you go.

See Our ProcessPlanning Guide

  • The team at Hibbs Homes has provided us with excellent service in the process of building out our home. They are extremely informative and definitely know their stuff inside in out. It was awesome having their team walk us through every step of the process!

— Bryan Fernandez,
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Hibbs Home design meeting with a Salt Lake City home building client

Your Home Is A Better Built Custom Home

ComfortBuilt Certified Homes in Salt Lake City

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Energy Efficient & Green Home Builder in Northern Utah

Better-Built Custom Homes in Park City, Salt Lake City Utah

Let Us Bring Your Vision To Life

Not all Salt Lake City custom home builders are the same. At Hibbs Homes, we take a different approach to new home construction. Our home building team relies on proven processes for communication and building that deliver an exceptional client experience and a better-built custom home. It is our dedication to working closely with our clients and partners that has made us one of the best custom home builders since 2004.

Choosing the Best Place in the Salt Lake City Area to Build Your New Home

It is no wonder that the housing market in the Salt Lake City area is growing so rapidly, and the growth in entertainment and job opportunities is a sure signal it won’t be slowing any time soon. We have worked with clients in several different situations to help them bring their dream home to life in the area. Whether you are relocating to Utah for a job opportunity and having trouble finding the perfect fit in the current housing inventory, or you’ve lived in Park City for decades and you need to build a custom multi-generational home to accommodate parents moving in and aging in place - Hibbs Homes can help you build the house you need exactly where you want to live.

Hibbs Homes can put you in touch with one of our Salt Lake City region Realtor® partners who specializes in finding land for new home construction. They can help you locate everything from private lots with acreage to infill or tear-down opportunities within established subdivisions. As competition in the Salt Lake and Park City housing markets continues to grow, real estate agents have access to opportunities to purchase land earmarked for new home construction that may not be made available to the general public. 

Once you’ve found a piece of land that is available and checks all of your location boxes, a member of the Hibbs Homes building team will walk the lot with you to assess if it is suitable for building. We’ll consider factors such as topography of the lot, utility connections, and the design of your home. We will guide you through the process of determining whether or not the lot is a good fit for building your new home.

Custom Home on Your Land

Building your dream home means creating a home that is designed for your lifestyle and is in the location where you want to live. We can start the home building process from a floor plan you already have in mind, or partner with one of the many outstanding Salt Lake City architects to design a custom home from scratch on the ideal piece of land. 

As a dedicated custom home builder, Hibbs Homes understands the opportunities and challenges that come with building homes as unique as each of our clients. This includes everything from the experience needed to build new homes in established municipalities to the insights into how lot placement can impact the energy performance of your home. That is why we recommend choosing a home builder as early in the process as possible, saving you considerable time and money over the course of your home construction project.

Stay on Budget During New Home Construction in Salt Lake City

Hibbs Homes is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience to every client during their home construction project. We work closely with our clients and trade partners and rely on proven processes to deliver better-built homes at a reasonable price point. It is important to enlist the help of a trusted builder early on to make sure the design, land, and finishes in your new home deliver on style while staying within your budget and timeline.

Since 2004, Hibbs Homes has been a dedicated custom home builder. Since we have never built the same home twice, our processes and approach are different than most builders. With more than a decade of experience building new homes from scratch, we have the experience and insights critical to supporting a smooth and successful build. Our experience means we have processes to mitigate common problems in the custom home building process, and we are able to offer solutions that will not compromise the quality and function of your home while saving you time and money. 

Benefits of Hiring a Green Home Builder

At Hibbs Homes, every home we build integrates energy efficient materials and practices, which means your custom home will be more comfortable and more durable. Energy efficient, green homes have lower monthly utility costs, and because they are built with more durable materials and using high performance construction practices, they also require less maintenance. 

For many people, their home is the single biggest investment they will make in their lifetime. Homes that are built for energy efficiency not only cost less to live in, but they also have higher resale values. As an Energy-Star and ComfortBuilt-certified builder, Hibbs Homes has worked with clients to build highly efficient, fully certified green homes, while some of our clients have chosen to integrate a number of sustainable home features into their home’s design.


Solar panels use the sun’s ultraviolet rays to generate energy. By utilizing solar panels to power your home, you’ll realize a significant decrease in your monthly utility costs. There are a great number of incentives at the federal and local level to offset the cost of installing solar panels on your custom home. Another option that we offer our clients is building a home that is “Solar Ready” - meaning that the infrastructure is in place to add solar panels at a future date with minimal modification. 


Windows are one of the most important elements of an energy efficient custom home.  We will guide you through the window selection process in order to prevent heat loss or gain that would impact the performance of your home. One option to consider is the installation of energy-saving blinds that can be set on a schedule, so you won’t have your blinds open during the hottest parts of the summer.


Smart thermostats are essential when it comes to saving energy. Instead of having your thermostat set to the same temperature day and night when you don’t necessarily need it, you can set a schedule to have it heat or cool the home when you’re home. This means it won’t run as much when you’re away at work all day. This all translates to lower electric bills. 


Hibbs Homes is an Owens Corning ComfortBuilt-Certified builder. As such, we work with their building scientists to determine how best to build in each climate zone to maximize the efficiency of our homes. The use of high performance insulation in our custom homes reduces and controls the exchange of air between the inside to the outside. By controlling the exchange of hot and cold air, the home maintains a more consistent temperature creating a more comfortable living environment while reducing the use of your HVAC system. 

As an ENERGY STAR Certified Home Builder, every home we build is designed to meet or exceed the EPA’s ENERGY STAR home building standards, Our integrated approach to creating better-built homes relies on proven processes and best practices for building to deliver homes with:

  • Less leaks and drafts due to our comprehensive air sealing, higher performing doors and windows, and high-quality insulation.
  • More comfortable, consistent temperatures throughout the entire house, room-to-room, floor-to-floor
  • Higher durability water management system, including components such as flashing, moisture barriers, and heavy-duty membranes.
  • Better indoor air quality because of the tighter building envelope and a dust, pollen, and allergen reducing high-performance air filter.

How to Start Building a New Home On Your Land

If you’re ready to start building a home on your land in Salt Lake City, Hibbs Homes is ready to guide you through the custom home building process. Since 2004, we have partnered with clients to build truly unique, truly custom homes for today and tomorrow, homes that fit their lifestyles and their dreams. We encourage you to reach out to a variety of custom home builders in Salt Lake City and Park City to discover where you can find the best home building options for your needs. 

The earlier you enlist a general contractor for your home building project, the more time and money you will save. Hibbs Homes has an experienced home building team who is ready to help you navigate the process from lot selection and design through closing and warranty, ensuring you have an exceptional home building experience. Building your dream home should be a fun process, and working with a home builder who will be your advocate and partner is the best place to start that journey.

We look forward to working with you to help you make your dream home a reality.