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 Every home we build utilizes the advanced techniques and materials that make high-performance, or green, homes to ensure your custom home exceeds our company, national, and local standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Hibbs Homes are built to outperform and outlast conventionally built new homes - not just the existing homes on the market. From more durable materials that decrease waste to above-code building practices that ensure higher quality craftsmanship, a green home is a better-built custom home from the ground up.

Designed for more energy efficiency, healthier indoor air quality, quieter and more comfortable daily living, and lower maintenance - learn more about the Hibbs Healthy Homes building standards

Why Build a Green Home?

You'll begin experiencing the benefits of building a high-performance, green home the moment you move in and throughout the lifetime of your home:

    • Cleaner + Healthier Indoor Air - Materials with low volatile organic compounds - gasses emitted over time by chemicals used in the production process - and the tightly sealed thermal envelope on an energy-efficient home means fewer indoor air pollutants inside your home - including less allergens. High-efficiency HVAC systems also include a filter to remove dust, mold, allergens, illnesses, and bacteria from the air as it is cycled through your home.
    • Quieter + More Comfortable Living - Energy efficiency and year-round comfort, room to room and floor to floor. Green homes are more comfortable than conventionally built new homes because of a building approach that includes a properly sized, high-efficiency HVAC system to keep your temperature inside comfortable without waste. Using higher quality insulation also prevents air leaks and creates an overall quieter home.
    • Durable + Low Maintenance - Sustainable home design and building practices consider both the current and future impact home construction and renovations will have on the environment. Sustainable homes are intentionally built with materials meant to withstand the tests of weather and time. Your home is also built to above code standards to reduce the need to renovations or major repairs over the lifetime of ownership.
Better built homes with family
Green home built by Hibbs Homes

Hibbs Healthy Homes in Park City, UT

Before expanding into Northern Utah, Hibbs Homes built roughly 100 green-certified homes, earning us a reputation as one of the leading high-performance home builders in the the country. Though we do not require our clients to certify their homes, we do incorporate these better home building methods into the design of ever home we build. 

Hibbs Homes has been recognized as:

All of the home building materials, systems, and construction practices we rely on ensure that your home is built to meet or exceed nationally recognized green home building standards - even if you choose not to undergo a green home certification process.

Hibbs Homes is proud to be a RESNET-certified builder, which means every home we build is independently tested and measured for quality craftsmanship and energy efficient performance. 

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Custom Home Building Resources