Our Home Building Process

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How We Build Better Homes

Hibbs Homes specializes in building custom homes, which means we've never built the same home twice. Your truly custom home is one-of-a-kind, expressing your taste and is a reflection of your lifestyle and goals.

Through decades of experience, we've developed a proven home building process. Your homes a better-built home and your experience is more enjoyable because of these buttoned-up processes.

Working with a reputable builder early in the construction process saves time, frustration, and money. From the beginning of your home's design and construction, we are your partner and advocate. Our design and build team makes sure your home's construction schedule runs smoothly and within your construction budget.

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Step 1 - Discovery

In our initial meetings, we dig deep into how you will use your home, your goals, and your vision for your dream home. We also will explore your construction budget goals and opportunities. Our homeowners enjoy the construction process more when they have an understanding and know what to expect. During this step of the process, we will prepare you for what to expect as we build your new home.

Step 2 - Find & Evaluate Land

We build your dream home on your land. If you are looking for land to buy in Northern Utah, we can pair you with a local Realtor partner who can assist you in your search. If you already have the perfect piece of land, our construction experts will visit the site to evaluate your lot's solar orientation & topography. We can provide you with initial feedback on how topography, utilities, and lot preparation will figure into your construction budget.

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Step 3 - Design & Budgeting

After securing the land you want to build on, we are ready to begin designing and planning your construction budget. We will sign a Pre-Build Agreement that allows our team to begin design discussions, project preparation, and budgeting.

Using the vision we developed during our discovery phase, we guide the process to creating a healthy, comfortable, and beautiful home that inspires you. We work closely with you and your architect of choice to develop construction documents that optimize your construction budget, reflect your unique style, and meet our high performance building standards.

Step 4 - Estimating

When your home's custom design is complete, you will meet with our estimator and begin the cost estimation process. Our thorough budgeting process takes 3-4 weeks. At the end of that process, you will be provided with a detailed 7-8 page document that spells out the current construction costs for your home's design.

On going custom home project by Hibbs Homes
Custom Home Construction Site in St Louis, MO

Step 5 - Construction

Once your budget and design are approved, we begin active construction, which is typically 6-9 months for most homes. You will be assigned a Construction Superintendent who manages the project from beginning to end. They will be on-site every day, and will be your point of contact throughout your project. You have access to your home daily, and we will invite you to walk the site with us at different intervals to ensure that the project is coming together in the way that you imagined.

Step 6 - Warranty

Once we have wrapped up construction of your dream home, we will walk the home with you one more time before close to ensure everything is perfect. Our team will return at 4 and 11 months to address any warranty items that may have arisen. Along with our trades and vendors, we offer a full one-year workmanship warranty on your new home.


Custom Home Building Resources

Custom Home Building Resources