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Hibbs Homes is proud to build custom homes in Wildwood, MO. You can see much of our work as you drive throughout the Wildwood area - from custom homes to local businesses. For those of you looking to learn more about the history and fabric of the community - especially those considering a relocation to the area - we've provided background information and details on school districts and amenities below.

If you're already familiar with the Wildwood area, and would like additional information about building a custom home in the area, we invite you to reach out for additional information.

Land For Sale In Wildwood, MO

We build custom homes on private lots throughout the Wildwood, MO area. If you are looking for land and have not yet secured the right parcel, our team of Realtors can assist you in finding the right location. Check out our available lots and available homes pages or contact Jan Hibbs to get assistance in your search.

About Wildwood, MO

Wildwood is an affluent western suburb in the St. Louis area - nestled in the beauty of the Meramec River Valley with each access to trails and state parks.

Wildwood Trails & Parks

The City of Wildwood is home to some of the most incredible multiple use trails in the area. The city was over 35 miles of trails - with more than 18 of those miles being smooth paved asphalt - ideal for bike riders.

Major city trails include:

Outdoor enthusiasts, bicyclists, runners and hikers can travel almost forty (40) miles using the City's asphalt trails and appropriate connector roads. Add to that, the single track trails in the City of Wildwood and the opportunities for adventure are limitless.

In addition to city trail systems, residents have quick and easy access to county and state park systems including Babler Park, Rockwoods Reservation, and Greensfelder Park.

Early Childhood Education

Primary School Education

Secondary School Education

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