Custom Home Pricing & Planning Guide

What Factors Into The Price to Build a Custom Home in St Louis?

Ready to turn that dream home into your next home? One of the first questions you might have is, "How much does it cost to build a custom home?"

The answer is, what you will pay to build your new home is up to you! How big is your dream home? How complex are the footprint and roof lines? What condition is the lot in? There are other factors that play into the construction budget, but you can see that the amount of money you will invest in building your home depends a lot on what home you are building.

To better explain how these costs vary, we have compiled this short guide to how pricing changes from one custom home to another. Being an exclusive custom home builder means every home we build is one of its kind. That is why it is difficult, and often inaccurate, to give a cost per square foot of a custom home. A true custom home builder will tell you that thirty square feet of one custom home is wildly different than thirty square feet of another. The comparison of one custom home to another is virtually impossible.

We hope by looking through this guide you will get a better idea of how simple doesn't mean boring nor does it translate to big-box, builder-grade style. We have built relatively simple homes that have all of the beauty of a luxury estate-style home. The beauty of custom building is that with the right builder, you can meet your goals for beauty and budget without compromising one for the other.

Take a look at our Custom Home Pricing and Planning Guide to learn about how to plan for your new home construction project! You can also get instant pricing using our custom home floor plan library - simply find a home that is similar to what you want to build and request pricing!