Build Anywhere On Your Lot

Live How You Want, Where You Want.

Do you own land that you hope to build your dream home on? You’re in the right spot! As a St. Louis area custom home builder, we build homes on private lots throughout the St. Louis region. Reach out to our team to have your lot assessed for your project, and to begin initial conversations about design, budget and the process of building on your lot.

Building Resources

Finding The Right Location

If you don’t currently own your own lot, and need some assistance to find the right location to build your home, reach out to our team for assistance. We have two licensed Realtors on our team that work with our clients to help them find the ideal spot to build. We also track off-marketing lot opportunities in order increase your chances of finding the right location.

We know that the location that you choose to build your home is just as important as the design of the home itself. Work with our experts to find the best lot on which to build your dream home.

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