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As a custom home builder, we know building a home is one of the most important decisions youll make. That's why we provide our clients with the highest quality custom homes that are both beautiful and functional.

At Hibbs Homes, we believe that a custom home should reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner. That's why we start every project by getting to you and your individual needs. We work closely with you to develop an understanding of your vision and goals for the project, which guides the design process to create a home that is unique and tailored to your unique taste and style.

Our communication, processes, and team make the home construction process a rewarding experience. We are among a select few high-performance home builders who is 100% focused on custom building. After nearly two decades focused on building better custom homes, we have a specialized process to address challenges unique to custom building.

Your home building team keeps your project organized and moving smoothly from design through moving day. Learn more about the steps in building a custom home, and schedule a call with our team to get more details about building your dream home.

Experience the Hibbs Homes Difference

Steps in the Custom Home Building Process


01 Discovery

This is when we start piecing your vision and ideas together. We spend time learning more about the style and needs that will shape your custom home. We will give you a checklist to think through some of the broad details of your design - number of porches, types of bathrooms, etc - so you can start prioritizing your needs, wants, and wishes.

We will also sit down with you and explain the difference between conventionally built homes and the high-performance materials and processes we use to give your home the "good bones" needed to last a lifetime. You can visit a home under construction to see first hand the Hibbs Homes Difference.

If you have design ideas, photos, sketches - bring them with you! We can discuss architects and designers, visit land to determine how it fits your plans and size needs. We'll discuss your budget and how we can make the most of your investment.

02 Find & Evaluate Land

If you haven't already purchased land to build your home on, we can help pair you with one of our Realtor partners to find the perfect location for your new home. If you have already purchased land to build on, a member of our construction team will visit the property to evaluate the lot conditions and give you feedback on how topography, utilities, and clearing may impact your project's design and budget.

Build a Home on Your land

03 Design & Architecture

When you have purchased a lot and are ready to begin construction, we will sign a Pre-Build Agreement to begin the process. This agreement allows our home building team to begin to assist you with project preparation, design, and budget planning. If you haven't already selected an architect and floor plan, you can work with our in-house architect or we can help you find an architect. We will work closely with you and the design to ensure your design achieves your vision and is within your target budget range without compromising on quality.

04 Estimating & Contract

Once your design is complete, our estimator will work with you to begin developing a budget that reflects true construction costs. At the end of the estimation phase, we will provide you with a detailed document that outlines all of the costs you can expect during your home's construction process. Once you have approved your design and budget, we will begin construction on your home.

Custom Home Construction Site in St Louis, MO

05 Construction

With design and budget approved, we are ready to move into the active construction phase of your project. You will be assigned a Construction Superintendent to be your on-site contact and who will manage your project from excavation to moving day. They will visit your job site daily and are there to answer questions throughout the process and ensure your project is coming together according to your vision. You will have access to your home every day, and we schedule walks through the site at key points during construction to discuss progress.

06 Warranty

When the active construction phase is complete, we walk with you through your home before closing to ensure everything is perfect. We will then schedule a visit at 11 months to address any warranty issues that may have come up after you've settled into your home. We offer a full one-year workmanship warranty on your new home that also includes work and products from our trades and vendors.

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