Pricing Your Dream Home

Designing and building a one-of-a-kind custom home can be one of the most rewarding projects you'll ever undertake. Whether you have every detail planned and are ready to start designing or you want to start with a floorplan and customize it for your life and style - Hibbs Homes has the experience to guide you through the process and bring your dream home to life.

Our home building team is ready to help you learn more about setting a construction budget for building your dream home on your land or ours! You can request pricing on a completely custom home, designed from scratch or start with a floorplan in our floorplan library.

If you have questions about next steps or about the custom home building process, please reach out! We're happy to help!

Request Pricing On Our Floor Plans

Have you explored our library of example homes and floor plans? We're happy to provide you with an estimate of the cost of building a similar home on the land where you want to build. Click here to view our floor plan library.

Our experienced St Louis home building team can help you build on your land or help you find land in your dream neighborhood.

Floorplan Library & Instant Pricing

Request Custom Home Pricing

Hibbs Homes works with a team of architectural and interior designers to design your one-of-a-kind home. Then we employ our very own craftsmen to bring your design to life. Click here to request pricing for your custom home.

Send us an overview of your home's style & location and we'll get right back to you with an estimate!

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