St. Louis’ Best Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods


Hibbs Homes Halloween St LouisIf you live in a neighborhood with little to no trick-or-treating, you may want to seek a new destination for your family to join in the festivities. But where do you go?

While there are many pieces of criterion that help to determine which neighborhoods make for the best trick-or-treating, one in particular stands out – the candy. The half-pint population of a town is never quiet about which houses and which neighborhoods are good for filling their bags with the best treats. But there are more than a few St. Louis families that avoid wearing any costumes that won’t make it through a car ride to the best trick-or-treating destinations.

A few suggestions we’ve received from clients & social media followers are shared below!


Ballwin MO Haunted HouseBallwin Haunted House

On Village Brook Court, a family transforms their driveway into an elaborate haunted house – complete with a spinning tunnel! They open their doors after 8:00 pm and usually have a line down the sidewalk. Tell them that you want a less scary option for little kids and they’ll adjust the experience as you come through. The regular version isn’t for the faint of heart!


Holly Hills Neighborhood Halloween

This South St Louis neighborhood is famous for its festivities around Christmas, but also gets in the spirit (spirits?) on All Hallows Eve! The neighbors begin decorating their homes and the street as early as September. Visit Leona Blvd for the main attraction, but neighboring streets such as Marwinette and Holly Hills Boulevard get festive too. Up to 1,500 kids have been known to flock to this neighborhood in one night for trick or treating, so tell your kids to practice their patience and to stay close!

Walkable Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

Often the family-friendly towns that have walkable clusters of homes make the top of the destination lists; places like Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Eureka, Sunset Hills, and clusters of neighborhoods within South and West County tend to get the most hype. Communities along Grant’s Trail see streams of children along the 8-mile span. Park near Grant’s Farm for quick access to the trail and all of the communities it connects.
So, which neighborhoods around St. Louis are the best for trick-or-treating?
Comment below to share your favorite spots! See which neighborhoods St. Louisans are picking as the top treat spots.