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Hibbs Luxury Homes is ready to answer your questions about building a custom home! We specialize in building custom luxury homes and no matter where you are at in the process, we have the experience and tools to guide you through it - from design to moving day and beyond!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Home Building


Do I need to hire an architect or designer first?

The best way to start the custom home building process is by finding an experienced, credentialed general contractor who you trust to guide you through the project and process. Every home built by Hibbs Homes is one-of-a-kind, designed by talented architects and designers. When your home building team is engaged in the design process and can advise on materials and building costs, you're more likely to stay within your construction budget and timeline. A home building company that exclusively focuses on custom homes will be able to manage the process and offer expertise so you can avoid over-designing your home and mitigate costly mistakes.


How long does it take to build a new home?

The average amount of time it takes to build a custom home is 12-14 months from design through completion. Several factors that will influence the timeline - such as the time it takes to finalize your construction documents with your architect, weather conditions, material availability, and the complexity of your home's design.


Where does Hibbs Luxury Homes build custom homes?

We build your plans on your land in Park City, Utah and St Louis, Missouri. You can visit our "Where We Build" pages for each state to see which communities we serve.


What is your average price per square foot to build a custom home?

Because we are a completely custom home builder, that answer comes down to what your design and vision dictates. We don't have an average or set price per square foot because a true custom home is curated from top to bottom by you!

Our construction team is dedicated to helping you find a way to balance your dreams with your dollars and guide you through prioritizing your home's design so you can focus your construction budget on the features and selections that mean the most to you.


What is value engineering?

An experienced custom home builder is able to get the most value out of your construction budget by guiding your design through development with an eye towards managing the overall project costs. This is why we stress the importance of hiring your builder first and relying on them as a partner during the architect meetings and design development.


What is a Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PSA)?

When you choose Hibbs Homes as your builder of choice, we begin the budgeting and design process by executing a Pre-Build Agreement, or PSA, which allows our team to begin work on your dream home! This agreement means our team can begin working with you to identify and hire an architect, begin design and early selections, develop a budget, and dig into a site analysis for your land. The PSA is an important part of our proven process for building custom homes!


How do we make design selections for our new home?

Curating your custom home is one of the most exciting parts of building, and our design team is here to assist you with pulling all the details together. Hibbs Luxury Homes uses CoConstruct, an online construction management and communication tool, to manage selections, financials, messages, and warranty requests. You can access all of your project's information by logging into your account here.


Can we make changes during the construction process?

Finalizing selections as early as possible is an important part of keeping costs down and managing the availability of what you want for your home. We also know that things change as the design develops and want you to be happy with your home. Our design team will make sure you know when you can make a change and if a change order and additional fees may apply.