The Power of Zero: Inside Net Zero Home Building



What is net zero home home building?

Net-Zero , or as we call them at Hibbs Homes, "Hibbs Zero" is a type of home that is grid-tied, meaning they produce as much of the renewable energy as they consume on a yearly basis. The result is a dramatic reduction in energy bills, in some cases - as low as a net of zero each year. Bonus: Going truly net zero means a carbon-free home - less pollution, inside & out.

Superior building systems and energy efficient designs in conjunction with solar panels installed on site allow net zero homes to experience renewable energy. The lack of carbon makes these homes an extremely healthy and sustainable option for you. At the same time, they're ultra comfortable, quiet, and more affordable than you'd ever have imagined. Let's take a look at the benefits of opting for Hibbs Zero when you build your custom home.

You'll save dramatically on your energy bills.

The moment you step into your net zero home, you can breathe easier about your day-to-day costs, especially your utility bills - which drop down to zero or near zero! 

Solar equipment and advanced roofing technology make for exceptional energy efficiency. As a green home builder, we choose materials and systems that will provide you the greatest value over the life of your home, including state-of-the-art solar equipment.

You'll lead a healthier lifestyle.

Zero energy homes allow you to breathe the cleanest air possible. From the ground up, we eliminate toxins and opportunities for mold and mildew. The materials we use are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and other harsh chemicals. When you suffer from seasonal allergies, the cleaner indoor air in a Net Zero home can create a home that is more comfortable to breath in no matter the outdoor allergy counts. 

Net Zero homes are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Not only are these homes energy efficient, but they also dramatically decrease your carbon footprint. A zero energy home is a positive contributor to the environment in terms of reducing pollution and harmful substances.  When your build a home with solar photovoltaic systems, every kWh produced from solar, saves a pound of imported coal.

Less maintenance because of increased durability.

Hibbs Homes' zero energy homes come back with some of the most fantastic features you'll find in the marketplace. One of these is the presence of thicker walls that allow for an extra degree of protection from the external environment than do normal homes. This enables the home to withstand the ill effects of weather for a much longer period of time.

Unsurpassed comfort.

Better insulation ensures that the house remains comfortable inside, while simultaneously keeping allergens and pollutants outside. At Hibbs Homes, insulation is achieved using state of the art products from Owens Corning.

Additionally, the upgraded HVAC systems in your home allows for total control over temperature regulation in the home. 

Interested in an energy efficient home? Hibbs Homes is a certified high performance home builder, offering options for energy efficient homes. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of building a better home with Hibbs Homes.