Proud Green Home St. Louis

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Hibbs Homes was honored to be the builder selected for the Proud Green Home St. Louis - a custom green home and high-performance home in Wildwood, MO. The home was completed in February of 2015. Built this home in partnership with Mizzou, Proud Green Home, and a number of other research and construction partners, this home was used as a green and high-performance building classroom for students and professionals alike. The home was engineered to be highly energy-efficient and to have exceedingly healthy indoor air quality.

The Proud Green Home demonstrates the cutting edge in energy-efficient building practices and healthy home building standards. These practices not only benefited the learning community but the homeowners who relocated to Missouri from Texas with their child that suffers from severe allergy and asthma issues.

We are fortunate to team with Proud Green Home and a number of specialized manufacturers to share the advanced building science techniques and products used in the design and build of this energy-efficient home.

The 3,700 square-foot home meets a number of rigorous green building standards, including:

•   Energy Star for Homes

•   National Green Building Standard from the National Association of Homebuilders

•   DOE Zero Net Ready home

•   EPA Indoor airPlus

•   EPA WaterSense

The home's ratings were verified by ASER USA, a third-party energy certification consultant.

Throughout the process of building this home, we shared our experiences and techniques of green or high-performance home building that we implemented in the build and design of this home on our blog and on