Season 1 Episode 11: Building Your Construction Budget

What You Need To Know About Pricing Your New Home Build

One of the most important elements of the custom home building process is your construction budget. We'll break down how building a new home construction budget works, how it will dictate your home design, and how setting a construction budget varies from builder to builder.

We'll discuss:

    • The importance of disclosing your true budget to your builder.
    • How different home builders approach budgeting & pricing
    • How to avoid unexpected overages
    • How change orders are handled - and how changes may impact your home construction budget.
    • How to compare pricing when talking with multiple builders
    • Easy tweaks that can be made to a design to make it more affordable to build.
    • Does the builder discount get passed onto the client for materials or do clients get charged a mark-up?
    • How a competitive building approach impacts the quality and pricing of your new home

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Click here to download our Cost Comparison Worksheet. On page 2, you'll see everything that Hibbs Homes includes in the budgeting process. We encourage you to use this sheet when interviewing builders so you can get a handle on the true cost difference between custom builders.

Setting a Construction Budget for Your New Home