S2, E5: High-Performance Home Systems

We are making progress on Rick and Meredith's new home construction in St. Louis, MO. Now that framing is complete and their home has really taken shape, we are going to talk about the mechanical systems in the home and how they impact your comfort, air quality, and maintenance throughout the life of your home.

We talk with the Schapers and then go to the job site to discuss their high-performance HVAC system, ductwork, Radon Ready systems, basement waterproofing - and more!

We also had a chance to talk with Spencer Padgett, the Builder in Residence at Co-Construct - the construction management software tool we use on every project. Learn how we use this cloud-based tool to keep your construction project to stay on schedule and within your construction budget.

Next week, we'll discuss why insulation is one of the most important decisions you will make when building your custom home. As a ComfortBuilt-certified green home builder, this is an area we pay special attention to. Learn more about our approach to building the best energy-efficient homes in St Louis and how our approach saves energy, improves indoor air quality, and creates a more comfortable home.


Energy-Efficient Home Builders in St Louis, MO
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